Cape Breton Island's 4 Men In A Tub Productions provides entertainment that is perfectly suited to soft seat theatres and political and corporate conventions. Our main stage production, 4 Men In A Tub, is a two act adult music and comedy theatre and cabaret style show that can be streamlined to accommodate your needs. The cast includes Duncan Wells, Brian Martin, George MacDonald and Amanda Greaves. 4 Men In A Tub Productions also produces The Cape Breton Stomp, a live musical show for children.   






"I laughed so much my face hurt."
  ~ Debbie and Wayne Colson
       Vancouver, BC

 ~ Edith Lawrence
     Sydney, Nova Scotia

"Incredible music! Hilarious comedy!"
  ~ Brad and Sarah Lyle
     Knoxville, Tennessee

"I've never seen a show this funny in my life. My sides hurt!
  ~ Arthur and Karen Kehoe
     Calgary, Alberta





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