Beanz and Wheezer MacDonald began their musical journey 30 years ago from Cape Breton Island. It wasn't until 2009 when Wheezer bought a hot computer off a guy who used to work at Future Shop (until they caught him stealin' computers), that him an his brother, Beanz, started The Canadian Beaver Band on the intertube. Over the years the boys have gathered a cult following of fans an' fanatics, making them Canada's most popular political satire band. Check out their videos, I mean our videos, and decide for yourself.










A Boot In The Nuts 'n A Bag Of Chips NOW AVAILABLE!



We wrote this one for all the pot heads out there who are waitin' for Justin Trudeau to get elected.


Me an' Wheezer wrote this song for all the hard core hockey fans out there who don't mind a little


This is from our Justin Trudeau Collection of songs. You can find more of our Justin Trudeau songs on YouTube.



Me an' Wheezer ain't crazy about Quebec or about rap songs so we wrote this rap song that makes fun of Quebec.


Harper got a majority government while the majority of Canadians don't like him. Go figure.
Me an' Wheezer
slapped this one together usin' a pile of names of famous Canadians.


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