A Children's Rhyme by Duncan Wells

Bouncing berries through the street
they have no arms they have no feet
but oh those berries, everyday
love to bounce and roll and play.

From the tree tops to the ground
bouncing berries up and down
off the walls and off the floor
bouncing berries through the door.

They bounce from mom to dad and back
some times they're berry good
or berry berry bad
they bounce through fields of dandelions
and seldom bounce back home on time.

They bounce from trikes to bikes to cars
down the street and through the yard
through the dirt, and dust and mud
then up the stairs and in the tub

Try and catch them if you can
in a net or in your hands
lock the doors and set a trap
but bouncing berries move too fast.

But when it's time for sleepy-heads
bouncing berries bounce to bed
and dream a dream about the day
they all grow up and bounce away.

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