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Performance by Duncan Wells

Give me a minute just give me a sec
my cogs have been turning my spring has been bent
trying to figure the time of the day
isn't it funny how time slips away-O

Clockmaker clockmaker make me a clock
with a minute hand tick and an hourly tock
a nice leather strap and a buckle that shines
and please don't forget to make it tell time.

I'm late once again, I'm sorry I say
they tell me that that's what I say everyday
but all that I have to find out the time
is the sun and the moon shining up in the sky-O


It's quarter to three it's two forty-five
I have to get home and I'll make it on time
if only I hurry I know that I will
please help me make it by two fifty two-O


If I had a clock wherever I went
I never no never would be late again
I'd dance in the door flashing my smile
but until that day comes can you spare me the time-O