My Dear Friend

Performance by Duncan Wells

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My dear friend I am calling
from four thousand miles away
I mean years ago to contact you
And I'm sure you meant the same
I've been thinking of you always
between work the wife and kids
but just a moment here and there I've found
is all my days would give.

My dear friend I can only picture
what you look like now
are you all you hoped you'd someday be
or is that all a memory now?
Is the snow upon your rooftop?
Are you married, have you kids?
It's been so long, so long, so how are you?
My dear friend.

My dear friend you were there
when the only ones I knew
were simply passing through my life
discared souls and so misued
but when the walls were crumbling round me
you put sun into my sky
and when no others cared to comfort me
you were right there at my side

My dear friend we watched the snowflakes melt
we caught them in our hands
we had our turn to make the young girls cry then
grew each to a man
but now I miss the evening summer breeze
like the grand kids gone from round my knees
Is that normal or is it just me?
My dear friend

My dear friend you told me once this life
was followed by surprise
then we parted, went our separate ways
to see what we could find
but now I long for sun and laughter
and the colors of the fall
but it's that laughter that I miss so much
and is the reason for this call

My dear friend a billion seconds flashed
before my eyes tonight
and I saw you fly by so many times
I had to call to make things right
and, yes, I know a man should never cry
so please excuse these tears, I'll wipe my eyes
it's been so long, so long but no surprise
My dear friend

I just had to call to say goodbye
my dear friend.