Nobody Knew I Was There

As performed by Duncan Wells

As I leaned back one afternoon
beside a willow tree
I over heard some foul words
from two men, speaking angrily
one grabbed one by the arm
one drew a deadly silver blade
and only one stood once the fighting
and foul words were said
I saw this, I swear
from beside a willow tree
and nobody knew I was there.

The police took photo evidence
and searched the woods around
but neither a man nor silver blade
could anywhere be found
the widowed wife was known
among the people in our town
if they had have checked her whereabouts
they’d have the killer now
but all was soon forgot
for not a clue was ever found
and no body knew I was there.

Soon life got better, for his widow
had wed a wealthy man
it long had been her wildest dream
and on the day they took each other’s hand
they swore their secret dark within
that only they until the end
but neither of them thought about me
because nobody knew I was there.

She lived in comfort, mansion high
in jewelled finery
but never could her past be denied
so every year upon the anniversary
she would journey to his grave
to place a flower on his stone
for all the town to see her greive
if only they had known
yes, I was there among their sympathies
and blessings of his soul
but nobody knew I was there.

Many years had passed
before they finally tired of love
they parted in bad company
and lawyers got involved
but love was least
of what was left in disarray
the widow broke the promise
and produced the silver blade
when the scandal hit the streets
I quickly got out of the way
and nobody knew I was there.

The jury soon selected
the trial it was swift
the gavel silenced chatter
all were ordered to please sit
the evidence presented
her confession filled with tears
as justice finally spoke
though silent for so many years
I sat there as the jury found them guilty
and to die
but nobody knew I was there.

My story is completed
my song it has been sung
for tonight they close their eyes to final rest
to return where they came from
tomorrow I will stand
as they are lowered in their grave
I will bow my head and wipe a tear
and then I’ll walk away
without a word
without a sound

...and no one will know I was there.