Matt Minglewood
Guitar Man On A Runaway Train
Written by Duncan Wells

Matt recorded this as a demo in the early 1990's. There was talk back then of a record deal but as history would have it, the deal went off the tracks and the song ended up in the Cape Breton Rock & Roll Hall of Obscurity.

Well I started with a six string velvetone amp

a patch cord short and a snake skin strap

workin' in the bad streets wanna make a change

try'na buy a ticket on a runaway train.


Now the dance hall boys bashed

draggin' in some big cash

headin’ to a big town show

rumor come flyin'

they was headin' for the big time

just about then I started savin' my dough.


With a coin flip fast hand

liar at a fruit stand

told me I was gonna go far

left my lover behind

with a couple of lies

and headed on out

gonna be a big star.


The runaway train's

got a rumble on the rail

a tremor to my heart

that I'm gonna see you again

I got my black strat packed

try'na make it to the right track

please don't tell me that

the train ride's comin' to an end

I gotta get me a fast car honey,

I'm goin' insane

just a guitar man on a runaway train.


I spent last night thinkin' 'bout

dreamin' 'bout gettin' out

lis'nin to the whistle moan

rattlin' a rhythm rockin' an' a hissin'

sayin' c'mon boy are you ready to go?

Well I knew that I was ready

with my guitar hand

fire in the hole

and a red hot band

left my lover behind

with a couple of lies

headed on out

gonna be a big star




Now the heart beats top speed

all across the radio

cadillac boy, that's the way the wind blows

my lover's at my side

where she's a-gonna stay

with her guitar man and his runaway train.