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The Girl Who Lives Under My Bed

As a child, Darlene had an invisible friend named Noonie, who lived under her bed. At night Darlene and Noonie shared secrets, made promises, and confided in each other. Then one day Darlene grew up and stopped believing in her invisible friend. This children's play opens with Noonie crawling out from beneath Darlene's bed. Noonie wants to know, after all they have been through together, why Darlene stopped believing in her. Anyone who has ever had an invisible friend as a child is sure to enjoy this whimsical one act comedy for young people. 


This one act drama features two actors, Gizella Bogdan, a gypsy woman who lives in a cabin in the woods and, Morris Fletcher, an escaped convict on the run from the law. It is a tale of a childhood game and two people whose lives become mysteriously intertwined. Brownbird closes on a murderous dramatic note and is not recommended for small children.

The Grandfather Clock

Just as the Henry Clay Work songs says, the clock stopped short when the old man died. What the song doesn't tell you is what happened immediately following the old man's death. This one act comedy opens with Jennifer, Marlene and Robert returning home from the funeral of their dearly departed daddy. While tears are shed, and the drinks passed around, the conversation soon turns to their inheritance - the family home and all of it's belongings. The question on everyone's mind is: "Who will get the grandfather clock?" Watch as the ghost of daddy works tirelessly to fix the clock while the drunken arguments of his children reach a pivotal point.


Willie & The Lapdog

This award winning play takes place in a grave diggers shack, and brings together a uneducated man who spent most of his life digging holes for dead bodies, and a college student who spent most of his life being pampered by his well-to-do family. A touching comedy that reveals one or two secrets of life and a little love along the way. 









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