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A Tribute To Stompin' Tom Connors
Stompin' Tom Road
Written & Performed by Duncan Wells

Thereís a plywood board upon the floor, aní he pounds Ďer with his heel
the byes are drunk as lards aní skunks, aní all the young girls squeal
he sings his song of right aní wrong, of spuds aní cloggeroos.
ďHey buddy, ya know, you ainít half bad! I think weíll name a street after you.Ē

Stompiní Tom Road
there he goes
with another big load
heís lookiní real good
he got a cowboy hat
he got a big olí hat
aní a heart of gold
he got a heart aí gold
got aní olí guitar
aní he can play that thang
got a plywood board
aní a big olí boot
he's singiní a song about Skinnerís Pond
walkiní down Stompiní Tom Road.

He's no one's fool he's been to school an' got a Hard Knocks Degree
from every town he's bummed around from bars and jamborees
an' he won't change or give a good dang twang 'bout the purdy little things in life
"Hey buddy come 'ere and have a look up there. That's my name on that sign!"


Itís Saturday the gig got paid, so he buys himself a beer
he looks around aní he wonders how in the hell that he ever got here
he takes a drink aní then he thinks there ainít nothiní he would rather be
"Yeah, Margo might have the cargo bye but they just named a street after me."


When everthingís been said aní done like itís all been done before
heíll hit the road, guitar aní hat aní his big olí plywood board
cosí he ainít got time for stupid rhymes or business suits wití songs
heíll packíer up in a pick up truck aní like that, bye heíll be gone.