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Ring Them Bells


As performed by Duncan Wells


There’s a baby in a manger

All the camels are asleep

There’s a star that lights the night sky

All the people come to see

So, who is this Baby Jesus?

He’s Mary’s little boy

And He was born

He was born on Christmas Day


Ring them bells

Bring the children

Ring them bells

A baby’s born

Ring them bells

Through the darkness

To the light of Christmas Morn


Three wisemen came to visit

Bearing gifts from other lands

To a cradle in a manger

In the Town of Bethlehem

To the child who came forever

To be remembered as the one

Who was born

Who was born on Christmas Day




Now there’s a candle burning somewhere

Carried from that very day

When a star led people onward

To the manger where he lay

So what is this day called Christmas?

It’s the birthday of that child

Who was born

Who was born on Christmas Day.




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