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  The Love & Safety Club - The $1.99 In-Class Safety Education Program  

In-Class Programs

Bully Safety
Keeping Bad Secrets
Dangerous Running
Seat Belt Safety
Teacher's Comments
Dealing With Bullies
Keeping Bad Secrets
Dealing With Bullies For Parents
Comments From Cyberspace
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To use The Love & Safety Club's $1.99 In-Class Safety Program you must have:

1. Access to the internet

2. A PayPal Account

3. The ability to download to your computer

4. The ability to burn a CD from your computer

5. The ability to print from your computer 


In the menu to your left you will see links to each of The Love & Safety Club's $1.99 In-Class safety education programs. Choose a link and follow the instructions on the page. There you will have access to the related safety song and other materials needed to present the lesson.


You can listen by clicking any of the titles to the left. If you would like to purchase any of Duncan's songs please click here.

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