Duncan Wells is a writer, performer and recording artist from Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. At this site you have the opportunity to listen to Duncan's original recordings for children. If you are a parent or teacher and would like to comment on the material at this site, please contact Duncan at the email address provided below.












Whoa Nellie
Buckle Up
Kiss The Hurt Away
I Have A Secret
The Bullies On The School Ground
The Kayak Song
Blame It On A Matchstick
Have You Ever Had One Of Those Days?
Michael's Rhyme


The House Numbered 176 (w/audio)
Absulum The Reindeer Elf (w/audio)
Sally The Magnificent Cow (w/audio)
The Ragcat
Bouncing Berries
Absulum The Reindeer Elf (w/audio)
The House Numbered 176

Christmas Songs

Christmas Angel Wings
A Puppy Dog Tale
Me & Theresa Underneath The Mistletoe
Ring Them Bells
A Big Red Sleigh
What I Want For Christmas
I Wish You Were Here For Christmas







Tell Me That You Love Me
The Elephant Two-Step
Zachariah & Mary Beth Dalton
Johnny Was So Good
If I Had A Wish
Animal Language
We Don't Know The Answer

Every Little Problem Of Mine
See Saw Song
Sailing To Bermuda
Apple In A Tree
Clap Your Hands Give A Hoot
Ladder To The Sky
A Nice Pair Of Shoes
Just Like Mom Just Like Dad
You Are The One

Dunkle Unkin's Farm
I'm In A Pickle
All The Little Birdies
Edward & His Dancing Bear
Finger Dance
Wait For The Dinner Bell
The Cow Paddy Blues
Sleepy Time Cowgirl
Adios Amigo


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