Songwriter Demos

Gone Away
When I Turn 83
After All These Years
Nobody Knew I Was There

Counting Your Blessings In Twos
Elvis Drives A Taxi
Home Again
I Got No Time
My Dear Friend
Travelin' By Train

From Hopkins Wharf To Havenside
Bras D'Or

The Last Tango In Mabou
As The Circle Continues

County Town
Tiny Boats

I Really Can't Remember
Song Of No Returning
Small Town Wind

When Angels Brush Their Hair

Odd or Unique Recordings

Guitar Man On A Runaway Train
(A rare recording by Matt Minglewood)
The Annual Soirée Of People With Nicknames
(A Home-Made Demo)

Stop Lookin' At Me
(A Home-Made Demo)

With A Face Like That
Open Your Heart And Let Him In
(A Home-Made Demo)
George Alfred Beckett
(A Home-Made Demo)

I Dreamed I Died And Went To Heaven
(A Tribute To John Morris & Tara Lynn)
Stompin' Tom Road
(A Tribute To Stompin' Tom Connors)

Dirty Streets & Songs To Sing
(A Home-Made Demo)



  Children's Songs

Apple In A Tree
A Nice Pair Of Shoes
Tell Me That You Love Me
Whoa Nellie
Ladder To The Sky
The Elephant Two-Step
You Are The One
Buckle Up
Kiss The Hurt Away
Zachariah & Mary Beth Dalton
I Have A Secret
The Bullies On The School Ground

Songs From Dunkle Unkin's Farm

Dunkle Unkin's Farm
I'm In A Pickle
All The Little Birdies
Edward & His Dancing Bear
Finger Dance
Wait For The Dinner Bell
The Cow Paddy Blues
Sleepy Time Cowgirl
Adios Amigo

Christmas Songs

Christmas Angel Wings
A Puppy Dog Tale
Me & Theresa Underneath The Mistletoe
Ring Them Bells
A Big Red Sleigh
What I Want For Christmas
I Wish You Were Here For Christmas


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